Q:  How do I know when my glue pot needs a rebuild?

Look for burnt glue build up around the gates and in the top of the pot, this is ready for a rebuild.

A:  You will need to make a judgement call based on your expectations for productivity and product quality.  If your own maintenance program is no longer satisfying you, it is time to rebuild.  A few oberservations on your part will start to give you the tell tale signs of an approaching rebuild:

  • Glue line is not even from top to bottom
  • Glue line is blotchy
  • Getting difficult to adjust quantity of glue
  • Increasing build up of crusted glue around the edges of the main basin or gates.  (Be careful if trying to scrape this out, you do not want to end up with burned glue getting further down into the pot and impeding flow to the application roller!).
  • Time between rebuilds is 6-12 months, based on a 40 hour work week.  Proper maintenance will increase the time between rebuilds.

Please keep in mind that if a glue pot is run too long without proper maintenance, the bushings, seals, bearings etc. will wear out enough to start damaging other expensive parts of the glue pot such as gates and the glue roller.  Good routine maintenance and proper rebuild timing will make a big difference on your profitability.

Q:  What is your turn around time?

A: Standard turn around is 1-2 weeks.  Expedited service can be shipped out the day following our receipt for an additional fee.  We inventory common rebuild parts for most brands for quick service.  However, if your pot needs a non-stock part, our timing would be at the mercy of the supplier. 

If you have a back up glue pot for your edgebander, we should be your rebuild company.  If you do not have a back up glue pot, and can afford a few days of downtime for the edgebander, we are your guys, too.  Please call us to discuss your situation.

Q:  Do you have any glue pots for sale or an exchange program?

A: Yes.  We do have an exchange program for our most popular brand of glue pot - Homag Q34's.  

Q:  Do you use OEM replacement parts?

A:  Yes, we have accounts with all the OEM parts suppliers and buy from them often.  We have also found alternate suppliers over the years for the same parts, and will buy from them at a cost savings, which is passed on to you.  

Q:  What is the advantage of the non-stick coating?

You can see how clean the glue releases from our coating.

A:  If you perform routine maintenance, there is a huge advantage.  The glue will not build up and crust as quickly as a pot without the coating.  Intermittent minor cleaning and scraping is easier to do between rebuilds as the glue comes off much easier and quicker.  Although there is an additional charge, this is a generally accepted part of most rebuilds.

Q:  My service tech takes care of our glue pots, what is the difference?

  Tech's often use torches to burn the glue off, unknowingly cracking the casting

A:  Sovereign Machine gets business from many of the in-plant and contracted service tech's across the country.  Your service tech is an integral part of our business, as well as your business, as they keep your machines running profitably.  Your service tech comes in periodically to take the pot off your edgebander to scrape as much glue residue off as possible, lubricate, calibrate, and return to your machine if the pot is not in need of a full rebuild.  This is considered routine maintenance, and is an important part of maximizing your time between rebuilds.

If the glue pot does need a rebuild, your service tech will usually send it to Sovereign Machine for a True Full Rebuild.  Service tech's that are not aware of Sovereign Machine will provide you with a partial rebuild at the same price we could provide a True Full Rebuild This includes them taking a few days to provide some additional services by using harsh chemicals, high temp blow torches, and elbow grease to try to clean the residue, perhaps replacing some parts, and painting the pot (no Teflon style coating!), expending around 10-20 billable hours in the process.  Please make sure you understand the difference in rebuilds!  See our True Full Rebuild page.

Make your service tech aware of Sovereign Machine!  For the same price you can get a True Full Rebuild, where we completely tear down your pot, evaluate all parts, burn off all residue in our industrial oven, sand blast, spray on a fresh Teflon style non-stick coating, re-assemble with new parts as needed, test and calibrate. Using Sovereign Machine, you get the benefit of a True Full Rebuild that will perform better and last much longer than an "economical" rebuild, saving you money in the long run.

Q:  I am a Service Tech, why would I use Sovereign Machine?

A:  Many Service Tech's across the country already do.  Contact Sovereign Machine to discuss how we can help you increase the glue pot performance for your customers at no added cost to them.  Use us to leverage your productivity by staying on-site billing hours while at the same time, we are providing the best quality rebuild for your customer.