Our "True Full Rebuild" Process

1.  Complete tear down of your glue pot to the nuts and bolts, allowing full access to clean and evaluate all parts.

   Your pot is stripped down with electrical parts removed, and mechanical parts ready for burn-off.

2.  Process your glue pot through our industrial burn off oven with custom heating cycle to protect the castings and parts.

  Mark loading the burn off oven for the nightly run.

  The next morning your parts are ready for final tear down and sand blasting.

3.  Sand blast your parts to remove remaining ash and residue from the burn off oven.

  Lightly sand blasted parts are ready for evaluation & coating.

4.  Inspect all parts, provide you with an estimated price, and wait for your authorization to proceed.  

  Grooves on the inside of this hub show the need for a new replacement.

5.  Coat your parts with our proprietary nonstick coating to lengthen your time between rebuilds.

  Your coating will cure for 24 hours prior to assembly

5.  Completely assemble, test, and calibrate your glue pot to specification for installation on your edgebander.  

  Bench testing the electrical system after assembly.